Here are the top 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle for 2021

If crime is your vibe do we have the place for you!
Downtown Seattle
Look how pretty, Seattle! Photo credit Sean Pavone // gettyimages compiled a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle based on "the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people for each neighborhood, compared to the Seattle violent crime average." The #1 most dangerous for 2021: Sand Point.

Wait a second, Sand Point? Sand Point past UW up on Lake Washington? Wow. That is not the neighborhood (that I haven't been to in 5 years) that I expected to see topping the list. Belltown at #2 - that is the neighborhood I expected to see at the top of the list...

1. Sand Point
2. Belltown (duh)
3. First Hill (outside the hospitals)
4. South Lake Union (Violent tech crime?)
5. Atlantic (I don't even know where this is)
6. Northgate
7. Haller Lake
8. Lower Queen Anne (now called Uptown *fart noise*)
9. International District
10. Capitol Hill (so low?)

Now perhaps you just got a new hero costume and are ready to defend a neighborhood by night - you could find a deal on real estate! I've already sent this to my friends considering a move to Seattle for a heads up. I really would have expected Ballard to be in the top 10 with how much people complain about it on Reddit.