Gregr and Måneskin take us through their journey from Italy to the states, and what they expect from 2022!


Måneskin may be a new name coming up in the states, but in reality, the band have been on the rise in Italy since 2016. Their studio albums Il ballo della vita from 2018 went 4x platinum in Italy before ever winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest that skyrocketed them into the international spotlight. Now the band are celebrating the release of their second studio album Teatro d'ira: Vol. I.

Lucky for us, Gregr was able to steal some time from this extraordinarily busy band so that they could take us through their journey as a group. Find out how it feels to be an Italian band breaking out in the states, their thoughts on the Eurovision Song Contest, and what they expect of 2022!

Also, don't forget to check out their EndSession performance of "For Your Love!"

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