Giordano: 'Meet Madeleine Dean's Worst Nightmare'

Photo credit (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Kathy Barnette Challenges Madeleine Dean in Congressional Race

Dom Giordano talks with Kathy Barnette about her campaign against Madeline Dean and explains why she views Dean as "out-of-touch" with their district in her alignment with the Squad. Barnette also explains why she calls the Democratic Party a bunch of "self-licking ice cream cones." Barnette questions the kind of America the future generations will inherit and also addresses the liberals' desire to categorize people in boxes based on their background. 


The Problem With Chain Restaurant Pizza

Dom Giordano talks about New Year's Eve and comments on the broadcasts originating from Times Square in New York City. Dom expresses disbelief at the inflated price of chain pizza for bystanders in Manhattan who were looking for a meal as they awaited the countdown to 2020. Plus, Dom slams Joe Biden and the pandering of the Democrats to specific pockets of issues.


Carrying Weapons Into Church For Self-Defense

Dom Giordano comments on an op-ed in USA Today about the Texas Church Shooting that was foiled by a man with a gun. The article questions why parishioners are armed in the first place. Dom takes your calls on the subject and questions whether or not it is wise to allow people to carry guns in places such as churches.