Not the beer, anything but the beer! Beer distributors strike weeks before July 4

The beer selection in an alcohol store.
The beer selection in an alcohol store. Photo credit Getty Images

An ice-cold beer could soon join the list of items experiencing shortages as a Philadelphia Teamsters union voted to strike on Sunday, which could leave coolers empty on July 4.

Workers for Origlio, Penn, and Muller Distributors are among those striking. They represent the Delaware Valley Importers Distribution Association.

Philadelphia won’t be the only county that could see shortages as Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Bucks Counties are also serviced by workers with the union.

Rich Zeoli, host of the Rich Zeoli Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, discussed the strike and how the union voted in a resounding 308 to 40 in favor of stopping work.

The workers on strike are “the guys that get the beers to stores,” Zeoli said. Among a number of reasons, the union is asking for better wages and hours.

Members of the union were offered a new contract, but they reported that the offer “was quite frankly insulting.”

The beverage company that the union members work for is requesting as many as 12-hour shifts for five or six consecutive days, something Zeoli says is “excessive.”

However, he added that he can’t see the strike lasting for long, especially with a popular drinking holiday soon approaching.

“Not for nothing, but people like to drink…so [the Teamsters] are probably going to win,” Zeoli said. “My bet is they will win.”