Bill Maher Joins Giordano for Discussion on Changing Dynamics of Politics and the Rise of Wokeness

The Dom Giordano Program | May 16, 2023
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Allan Domb Drops In Live on Election Day

Today, Dom led off the Dom Giordano Program by discussing the two big topics of the day. First, Dom tells about the release of the Durham Report, explaining why he believes it points to conspiracy between the Democratic National Committee and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Then, Domb reminds all that today is Election Day here in Philadelphia, running through his thoughts on the candidates and telling that Allan Domb will be joining in studio at the bottom of the hour. This leads Dom to play back a clip from New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who called out the Biden administration for their role in the influx of migrants we’re seeing in New York City and nationwide.

Then, Dom welcomes Allan Domb, candidate for Mayor of Philadelphia, back onto the Dom Giordano Program as Election Day churns on. First, Domb and Giordano reflect on Domb’s campaign, with Giordano highlighting Domb’s advertisements that largely honed in on the issues that actually matter to Philadelphians. Then, Domb and Giordano delve into those issues, with Domb making a commitment for Kensington, telling that he’d consider his administration a failure if it isn’t fixed within a short period of time. Domb previews how he’d something like this, touching upon multiple aspects of crime, including retail theft, as a situation that is in dire need of addressing through accountability.

Bill Maher Joins; Fetterman Fumbles Senate Hearing

In today’s second hour, Dom welcomes in famed comedian and political commentator Bill Maher back onto the Dom Giordano Program for a broad discussion on the state of politics. First, Dom and Maher discuss woke ideology and the changing dynamics of politics, with Maher pointing out the ridiculous nature of the climate that has led to the silencing of very important conversations. Then, Maher and Giordano discuss how this has shifted the commentator’s audience on his Real Time with Bill Maher HBO show, with more conservatives and moderates tuning in to hear a grounded liberal opinion, rather than one tangled in wokeness and political correctness. Maher stresses the importance of a society that can gather under one roof and have a beneficial conversation, explaining the detrimental nature of what have become silos and echo chambers for discussion. After that, Maher and Giordano delve into the issue of transgenderism, with Maher explaining how he handles the issue, also telling how this issue exemplifies the divide between classic liberals and woke progressives of the far Left. Then, Dom asks Maher whether he believes there’s anybody who is completely “un-cancelable,” with Maher laying forth the different degrees of cancelled celebrities, theorizing why certain people are able to push through it while others fall out of relevancy.

Then, Dom continues on with the Dom Giordano Program by telling of a new tweet by JK Rowling pushing back against continued cancel culture due to her alleged anti-LGBT rhetoric in her works. This leads Dom to tell that Riley Gaines continues her trend of calling out women’s athletes for their silence on the issue of transgendered individuals compete in women’s sports. Then, Dom plays back clips from John Fetterman speaking at today’s Senate hearing into SVB. Also, in Dan Time with Dom, Producer Dan gives a couple concerts coming up in the Philadelphia region worth looking forward to.

How Should Republican Presidential Candidates Handle Topic of Abortion?

In today’s third hour, Dom continues the Dom Giordano Program by offering his updated thoughts on Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, the two Republican front-runners for a bid in 2024. Dom tells that DeSantis visited Iowa over the weekend, which signifies to him that he’s now one hundred percent in it for a Presidential bid after some recent questions. Then, Dom tells how both candidates have framed their stances on certain big issues, in particular the topic of abortion, with Dom telling what he believes to be the best path for victory for a Republican.

Then, Dom welcomes back the Catholic Charities Appeal onto the Dom Giordano Program to hear what the Archdiocese has been up to since last year’s discussion. To donate, head over to

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