Bill McSwain Joins Giordano after Announcing PA Gubernatorial Campaign

The Dom Giordano Program | September 13, 2021
Photo by Getty Images

Bill McSwain, former United States Attorney representing the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, rejoins the Dom Giordano Program after announcing his candidacy for Pennsylvania Governor. First, Giordano reads local news accounts of the announcement, which frame McSwain’s battles with local Democratic officials including Larry Krasner as a detriment. Giordano argues instead that McSwain’s combative stance against Krasner has made the city a safer place, which leads McSwain to explain why public safety is at the top of his priority list if he wins the election. In addition, Giordano and McSwain discuss Governor Wolf’s stance on masking and Coronavirus vaccines, noting the flopping that has persisted throughout the entire pandemic and the overbearing nature of Wolf’s recently announced mandates. Giordano and McSwain also discuss the stances on issues of Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro, who currently serves as Attorney General under Governor Wolf.