Dr. Marty Makary on Joe Rogan's Coronavirus Diagnosis

The Dom Giordano Program | September 2, 2021

Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University, author of The Price We Pay, rejoins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss multiple developments surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. First, Makary and Giordano discuss the news that Joe Rogan has received a Coronavirus diagnosis and his decision to use a cocktail of treatments to combat the virus, particularly his use of Ivermectin. Makary, who does not know much about the efficacy of the drug in treating the virus, does note that the drug has a history of treating parasitic infections in humans in the past. Then, Makary and Giordano discuss the proponent of a vaccination booster, discussing both the efficacy and the arbitrary deadline that has sent people scrambling to meet. In addition, Giordano asks for Makary’s thoughts on the new masking edict set forth by the Wolf administration.