Giordano: Fauci Should Blame His Lack Of Consistency For Hits To His Reputation, Not Conservatives

The (FULL) Dom Giordano Program | June 10, 2021

Today, Dom led off the Dom Giordano Program by discussing the pizza war developing between New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and opposition candidate, Republican Jack Ciattarelli. Ciattarelli posted to social media a picture of Governor Murphy from back in October of he and his wife eating pizza, with a caption pointing toward Murphy’s Massachusetts roots, saying that a true New Jerseyian folds their pizza. Giordano takes umbrage with this, explaining that he finds it completely appropriate to eat an unfolded pizza. Then, Giordano discusses Anthony Fauci’s appearance on MSNBC, in which he told Chuck Todd, ‘when you attack Anthony Fauci, you are attacking science,’ to which Giordano finds absolutely ludicrous. Also, Giordano brings up Montgomery County’s decisions on summer camps for kids, as they continue to require excessive restrictions while neighboring counties relax guidelines.

In today’s second hour, Giordano leads off by discussing a court ruling regarding Neshaminy high school and their ‘Redskins’ nickname. On Monday, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania overturned a decision by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, noting that the nickname does not violate the Pennsylvania law that prohibits discrimination. According to Commonwealth Judge Renee Cohn Jubelirer, there was no evidence that the Neshaminy School District had ever discriminated or harassed any student of Native American descent. Judge Brobson explained further that a person can be held liable for discrimination, but the PHRC cannot be applied to a school district. Also, Giordano discusses the economy, speaking of proposed tax decreases in Philadelphia and the heightened inflation brought forth by the Biden administration.

In the final hour of today’s show, Dom Giordano leads off by discussing Redskins football player Montez Sweat’s decision to refuse a vaccine. After the NFL recently announced that teams who are 85% vaccinated could essentially return to normalcy, Redskins coach Ron Rivera brought in a vaccination expert hoping to convince players such as Sweat to take the vaccine, but Sweat remains unmoved. Then, Giordano discusses an email, in which a listener wrote that he believes all students learning to drive should be required to learn how to use a manual transmission.