OPINION: Zeoli: “The Government Doesn’t Have the Right to Decide What is Misinformation”

The Rich Zeoli Show 7/16/21
Photo credit Getty Images

Today on the Zeoli Show, the US Government has partnered with social media platforms like Facebook to stop the spread of "disinformation" they believe is harming society. This is censorship under the disguise of "the greater good." Government should never be in a position of deciding what should or shouldn't be said.
Listen to the full show below:

In today's hour of non-stop talk, the Biden Administration is partnering with Facebook, a private cooperation, to eliminate what they classify as misinformation. Never, in the United States should the Government be deciding what is right and wrong when it comes to speech. A straightforward First Amendment Violation. Also, the Love Gov hates New York City and understands why people don't want to go back to the city.

In the latest way to stop the spread, Philadelphia Zoo will vaccinate some of their animals against COVID-19.

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