Joe Mantegna Joins Giordano, Discusses Simpsons 'Fat Tony' Character and Rabid Success of Criminal Minds

The Dom Giordano Program | May 18, 2023
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Joe Mantegna Joins Giordano, Discusses Amazing Career

Today, Dom led off the Dom Giordano Program by telling of a new debate by the Supreme Court over whether internet companies should be held responsible for material that leads to horrific things such as terrorism. Then, Dom delves into a new hot topic on Capitol Hill as members of Congress and Senate debate whether a work requirement should be set in place for access to things like welfare and Medicare.

Then, Dom welcomes in famed actor Joe Mantegna onto the Dom Giordano Program to preview the upcoming 50th anniversary of PBS Memorial Day Concert on Sunday, May 28th, at 8PM. First, Mategna explains his connection with Veteran's, explaining why he long-ago got involved with the annual event honoring our service members. Then, Dom and Joe delve into the great actor's career, with Mantegna discussing his long reign as 'Fat Tony' on the Simpsons and Agent David Rossi in the crime standard Criminal Minds. Joe tells about the incredible luck he's had in the industry, landing two long-running staples, and takes us back to the start of his career, when he starred as Joey Zasa in The Godfather Part III . For the remainder of the hour, Dom discusses the local election result of Cherelle Parker as the winner of the Democratic primary for Philadelphia's next Mayor, and tells about his time spent with Dan Abrams last night on his NewsNation show.

Women's Wrestling Coming to Pennsylvania High Schools

In today’s second hour, Dom leads off the Dom Giordano Program by revealing that the Pennsylvania institution that controls High School sports will make Women’s wrestling an official sport in the State. This leads Dom and Dan into a conversation about transgendered individuals in sport, with Giordano revealing what Bud Light is now doing to recover after their marketing gaffe involving a transgendered spokesperson. Then, Dom discusses the results of the Durham Report, which revealed that the entire Russia conspiracy perpetuated by the Left was indeed a hoax. This causes Dom to play back a clip from Virgin Islands Congresswoman Plaskett, who suggests that the Conservative response to the Durham Report, which calls into question that validity of the FBI, is anti-police and an attempt to ‘defund law enforcement,’ which sets the host off. Also, in Dan Time with Dom, Dan discusses an effort to cancel Howard Stern, and the decision by Oscar Meyer to change their Weinermobile to the “Frankmobile.”

Mark Houck Joins After Testimony; Murphy Suggests He'd Defy SCOTUS Ruling

In today’s third hour, Dom welcomes back in Mark Houck, a pro-life activist who was raided by the FBI after allegedly pushing a pro-choice activist outside a Planned Parenthood. Houck was later vindicated by a jury who determined there was no foul play in the alleged incident. This week, Houck testified on Capitol Hill on the overreach and bias of the FBI before the House Judiciary Committee, taking us inside some comments made by Pennsylvania Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon who openly re-enforced that narrative that Houck was targeted for being pro-life. Also, Houck relives the FBI raid on his home, telling of the emotional impact on his children after seeing their father taken away for no apparent reason.

Then, after playing Dom’s Money Melody, Dom plays back a clip from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who suggested he’d defy a SCOTUS decision if an abortion pill is banned. This leads Dom into a conversation about progressive politics, then tying in the loss of Helen Gym, admitting a sense of pride that Philadelphians were willing to put their foot down and disallow Gym from the Mayorship.

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