Mayor Michael Nutter Joins Giordano Live to Break Down Mayoral Race

The Dom Giordano Program | March 16, 2023
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Photo credit (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

Former Mayor Michael Nutter on Mayoral Race, Rhynhart Endorsement

Today, Dom led off the Dom Giordano Program by telling that Brand Manager Greg Stocker had just stopped into the studio, telling Dom that he has the opportunity to play WPHT Morning Show host Nick Kayal in a round of golf. Dom quickly jumps at the opportunity, explaining why he thinks he could easily beat Nick in golf, which prompts the morning host to respond via text that the challenge is on.

Then, Dom welcomes former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter back onto the Dom Giordano Program after he endorsed Rebecca Rhynhart yesterday in the race to become Philadelphia’s next Mayor. First, Dom asks the Mayor about his recent decisions to speak out about the state of the City, asking why he’s chosen to do so and telling him that, in doing so, he’s really improved in stock in the eyes of listeners. Then, Dom asks Mayor Nutter about the race and the candidates competing to become the next Philadelphia Mayor, with Dom asking Nutter why he believes the Democratic candidates have yet to do anything to really distinguish themselves from one another. After that, Dom asks why Nutter specifically chose Rhynhart, with the former Mayor explaining that she knows the budget better than anybody else running for office, and that, combined with her long experience, makes her the best candidate. Then, Dom and Nutter delve into the ever-changing conversation centered on public safety and justice reform, with Nutter explaining why some candidates may hesitate to criticize District Attorney Larry Krasner. Also, Nutter, who’s been very vocal about his relationship with stop-and-frisk, explains why he’s surprisingly in favor of constitutional stop-and-frisk, but warns listeners of the dangers as a black man.

Lower Merion FOP Pres. John Iushewitz on Incident Involving Officer Tasing Driver

In today’s second hour, Dom welcomes John S. Iushewitz, FOP Lodge 28 President representing Lower Merion police officers, onto the Dom Giordano Program after an incident made headline news involving an officer in the department. Back on January 8th, a woman was driving in Bala Cynwyd when officer Charles Murphy attempted to pull her over for tailgating a truck. The driver initially resisted arrest, escalating into Murphy pulling and deploying his Taser on the individual. This has prompted a 10-day suspension, which has caused controversy, with some saying the punishment is too light while others, including FOP Lodge 28, believe the punishment is too much for an Officer just trying to do his job. John takes us inside the incident and explains why he believes that the punishment is unwarranted for the incident at hand.

Then, Dom welcomes in former Congressman Keith Rothfus back onto the Dom Giordano Program for a discussion on the national Republican party as we gear up for another Presidential election. Rothfus, a strong proponent of Ron DeSantis, tells us all about the Florida Governor’s deep connection with Pennsylvania. Then, Dom and Rothfus discuss the changing dynamics of the Republican Party, with each offering up their strategy that they believe Republicans need to employ to secure a win in the future.

Amen Brown Drops In Live Into the Studio

In today’s third hour, Dom leads off the Dom Giordano Program by reviewing some cringe-worthy material on yesterday’s episode of the View where Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar discussed their grocery shopping habits. In the clip, Hostin admits she hasn’t been to a grocery store in 3 years, vying instead for Instacart, with Joy Behar revealing how she loves being stopped by Trump supporters when doing her shopping.

Then, Dom welcomes in Philadelphia mayoral candidate Amen Brown back onto the Dom Giordano Program to discuss his newly released comprehensive plan addressing the skyrocketing violence in Philadelphia. Amen takes us through his long plan that includes commentary about warrants and repeat offenders, and offers transparency when discussing whether he would change or keep the police department as it stands under current Mayor Jim Kenney. Brown breaks things down to the minutia, explaining that a Philadelphia led by a Brown administration would pursue charges for even small offenses such as public urination and graffiti, which the current administration has failed to do.

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