PA Rep. Donna Scheuren Explains Why She Wants Armed Security in Pennsylvania Schools

The Dom Giordano Program | April 11, 2023
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The NL Pennant is a Glorified Participation Trophy

Today, Dom led off the Dom Giordano Program by asking whether listeners agree with him in his assessment that the Phillies receiving an award for winning the NL but losing the World Series is similar to participation trophies. This leads Dom and Dan into a discussion about other participation trophies, with Dom explaining why he believes both a Grammy and an Emmy is the music and television equivalent to participation awards. Then, Dom offers his thoughts on the Louisville shooting, playing back reaction from Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, which Dom dissects, telling how Shapiro has been counterintuitive to solving a public safety crisis in Pennsylvania. Also, Dom tells of the success of the new Super Mario movie, and explains frustration with changes made to Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

PA Rep. Donna Scheuren on Importance of Keeping Children Safe in Schools

Then, Dom welcomes in Pennsylvania State Representative Donna Scheuren back onto the Dom Giordano Program to discuss a letter she wrote to the Perkiomen Valley School District explaining why she’s in favor of having armed officers protect our State’s schools. First, though, Dom reminds listeners why they may recognize Donna’s name, telling of her role in keeping Souderton schools open during Coronavirus while serving in her role as a school board member, which she still holds. Then, Giordano and Rep.
Scheuren delve into the topic at hand, with Donna explaining how officers in schools could indeed work, telling Dom of the way we can pay these security guards and telling of the value that these security officers would bring. Donna explains that she’d suggest that the officers considered have solid experience and background in law enforcement, suggesting retired members of the Police force from the community.

DeSantis's Attempt to Reframe Abortion Debate Will Destroy Presidential Chances

In today’s second hour, Dom continues the Dom Giordano Program by telling of a new order by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who re-wrote the rules on whether a college degree is necessary for certain government-paid positions within the state of New Jersey. Then, Dom tells of DeSantis’s stance on abortion, telling of his effort to get ahead of the 2024 Presidential election with a new abortion bill that limits allowance to 6 weeks for those not affected by rape, incest, or human trafficking. Also, Dom tells of a new analysis of the MLB that suggests that hitting and home runs are up due to climate change.

Is Center City Safe?

In today’s third hour, Dom continues the Dom Giordano Program with a local slant, telling that a new study suggests that Center City is the safest portion of the City, with Dom explaining why he continues to believes it to be unsafe, pointing to multiple examples of crimes in the City's heart. Also, Dom returns to his analysis of the Philadelphia mayoral race, explaining what he expects to see in the first debate, airing tonight on Fox29. Also, Dom offers up his Money Melody, and decides the winner of the side topic of the day, asking listeners for failed advertising campaigns.

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