Philadelphians Save Themselves From Helen Gym!

The Dom Giordano Program | May 17, 2023
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Helen Gym Will Not Ruin Philadelphia!

Today, Dom led off the Dom Giordano Program by providing in-depth analysis on yesterday’s Mayoral primary here in Philadelphia, expressing his excitement that Helen Gym did not win the bid for Democratic candidate for Mayor. Dom thanks his listeners, providing ward-based analysis, telling that it looks like listeners really came out for Cherelle Parker and Allan Domb, which helped Parker secure her win.

Then, Dom welcomes in Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett back onto the Dom Giordano Program to hear his thoughts on the breaking news around the Durham report and his upcoming book focusing on the Scopes Monkey Trial, The Trial of the Century, releasing May 30th. First, Dom and Jarrett discuss the topic of the new book, with Jarrett explaining why he finds the Scopes Monkey case so important, explaining how he's been following it since he was a child. Then, Dom delves into the Durham report, asking Gregg Jarrett for his expertise exuded in his other books, Witch Hunt and The Russia Hoax, which delved deeply into the Russian narrative created by the Democratic party in hopes to shift the 2016 and 2020 election. Jarrett offers his thoughts on all that Durham exposed this week, with Jarrett explaining the deep consequences of the revelations of a biased relationship between the Democratic party and the FBI.

Murphy Wants COVID Mandates for NJ Students

In today's second hour, Dom welcomes in New Jersey State Senator Holly Schepisi back onto the Dom Giordano Program who has some concerning news about State edicts around Coronavirus. Schepisi reveals that the Murphy administration is considering new COVID vaccine requirements for school children, running counter to suggestions by the Department of Health. Schepisi takes us through meetings held and things said behind the scenes that point to a requirement of students to receive that vaccine, which concerns both Giordano and Schepisi, with the Senator laying forth the negative implications of such a demand. Schepisi tells listeners what they can do to push back against such a requirement, and tells how she hopes to prevent this from taking effect in New Jersey.

Then, Dom welcomes in David Oh, who yesterday won the Republican nomination in the general election to become Philadelphia's next Mayor. First, Dom asks whether David Oh would've preferred to run against Helen Gym, who while Oh admits is the most polarizing, tells that he still has a very effective strategy in mind for a run against Democratic winner Cherelle Parker. Oh differentiates himself from Parker, particularly in the realm of social justice, explaining why he surprisingly differs with Parker on her thoughts on stop-and-frisk.

For The First Time In A Long Time, I Have Hope For Philadelphia

In today's third hour, Dom welcomes Liz Preate-Havey, Secretary of the Republican Party of Philadelphia, back onto the Dom Giordano Program for a conversation on the statewide results of yesterday's election. Dom and Liz discuss the changing dynamics of both parties, honing in on races involving Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale and Delaware County special election for House candidate Katie Ford. Preate-Havey offers a candid discussion about tactics used by Republicans in the most recent election, telling where she thinks the Party could do better. This leads to a conversation about the changing stance of Republicans on the topic of abortion, with both Giordano and Preate-Havey suggesting how Republicans should address the topic moving forward, particularly in the Presidential election. Also, Dom and Liz discuss the importance of a Republican embrace of mail-in balloting to secure chances in future elections.

Then, Dom plays back his Money Melody for the day, asking which Delaware County native is expertly covering a great tune by the Beatles. Also, Dom returns to a conversation centered on yesterday's Election Day, explaining his hopeful nature for the future of Philadelphia.

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