Readin', Writin', and Reason with Dom Giordano | Episode 70

Big Court Battles

Dom Giordano, WPHT host and former teacher, has dedicated much of his daily show toward parents who are taking it into their own hands to push back against school boards that have a negative impact on their children.
This has culminated in a weekly podcast on education, Readin', Writin', and Reason, which has allowed wonderful relationships to develop between Giordano, educators, and parents throughout the country who are speaking out against overbearing school boards.

First, Dom welcomes New Jersey State Senator Holly Schepisi back onto the podcast for an update on her effort to push back against new radical sexual education curriculum standards for children instituted by Governor Phil Murphy. First, Schepisi explains why she’s taken upon this fight, telling of the importance of equality and acceptance while stressing the importance of allowing parents to raise children the way they would like. Then, Schepisi offers some examples of books that she feels pushes the line too far in sexual education, explaining the explicit material. Also, Schepisi tells about some of the programs being instituted in schools that push the envelope in sexual nature, telling why parents have come to her taking issue with what’s being taught to their children.

Then, Dom welcomes back Tim Daly, a Pennsbury, PA parent, who recently settled a lawsuit against the school district after being repeatedly silenced, along with other parents, when speaking out against the school board. Tim Daly takes us inside the back and forth between the legal team representing the parents and the school board, telling about the instrumentations that led to a settlement in favor of the parents. Then, Tim tells about the checks awarded to the parents, explaining the symbolic nature of a payout that was adjusted slightly, with Giordano wondering whether that was intentional or an accident. Also, Daly tells about threats levied toward his family throughout the entire situation, including gunfire outside his house, and tells how he hopes this changes how school boards interact with parents moving forward.