Readin', Writin', and Reason with Dom Giordano | Episode 73

The Benefits of School Choice

Dom Giordano, WPHT host and former teacher, has dedicated much of his daily show toward parents who are taking it into their own hands to push back against school boards that have a negative impact on their children.
This has culminated in a weekly podcast on education, Readin', Writin', and Reason, which has allowed wonderful relationships to develop between Giordano, educators, and parents throughout the country who are speaking out against overbearing school boards.

First, Dom welcomes in Kelly Ciminera, Principal of the Colman-John Neumann School in Bryn Mawr, PA, to discuss an issue that she and other private schools are having in receiving promised text books from Pennsylvania’s Department of Education. Ciminera takes us through the process of ordering the text books from the State and the allotment in the most recently approved budget, telling that she ordered the books back in July but has been told that there’s a backlog in the system and not enough workers to process the orders. Then, Giordano asks how the school has gotten through teaching without textbooks, with Ciminera telling creative ways that teachers have continued to teach the necessary material.

Then, Dom welcomes David P. Hardy, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Commonwealth Foundation and former CEO and Co-Founder of the Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia charter school. First, Giordano asks for Hardy’s opinion on the governmental issue discussed last segment in which the Department of Education has gaffed and delayed the delivery of text books to private schools. Then, Giordano asks Hardy to offer his opinion on the Philadelphia School Districts recent actions, including the lack of air condition which has caused students to be sent home early during the current heat wave, and the teacher’s unions that require strict edicts from public schools. Giordano asks for Hardy’s expertise in how we can better educate the public, with Hardy stressing the importance of school choice and charter schools.