OPINION: Zeoli: We Have to Stop Doing Gain of Function Research

The Rich Zeoli Show 7/21/21
Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Today on The Rich Zeoli Show, the “anti-racist” rhetoric the left is attempting to force into schools, including the younger grades, will create the opposite effect of its goal. Kids are not born racist; they don’t know what racism is. Teaching them what racism is creates the opportunity of more racism.

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In today's hour of non-stop talk, in yesterday’s testimony to the Senate Health Committee, Dr. Anthony Fauci got into an intense argument with Senator Rand Paul over the use of gain of function research in the Wuhan lab and here in the United States. Is there any true benefit to this kind of research? Creating Frankenstein’s monster to prevent the monster doesn’t seem effective.

Darpana Sheth, Vice President of Litigation at FIRE, joined to discuss their petition to the Supreme Court on the Biden Administration attempting to limit college student’s rights without due process and violating their constitutional rights on college campuses.

In their so-called fight against misinformation, the Biden administration is reviewing the legality of Section 230 to put more responsibility and censorship on Facebook and other social media platforms instead of allowing people to exchange ideas and debate.

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