Is Batman a true Superhero? Patrick Mahomes thinks so


(610 Sports) - When it comes to halloween candy, Patrick Mahomes is a full-candy bar type of guy, even if his personal preference is the sour stuff. Don't expect to see the Chiefs signal caller if you come ringing his doorbell on Saturday, though, the candy bars will be out front in a bowl, as Mahomes will be at the team hotel preparing for the New York Jets, on Sunday.

With spooky season fully upon us, Carrington Harrison and Sean Levine of The Drive, sat down with Patrick Mahomes and asked him about some of his Halloween experiences.

Starting with the obvious, Mahomes was asked the worst costume he had to wear as a child but Mahomes seemed to have evaded that particular torture.

"I don't think I really had one, when I grew up my mom just let me be a baseball player, a basketball player, and I think the only one other than that was like Batman, I got it pretty good in not having to wear anything crazy."

Speaking of Batman, an oft-visited debate on the show is whether or not he is a true Superhero. Mahomes was asked where he stood on the topic and shared his perspective.

"Yeah, he's gotta be a Superhero, the way he's able to fight and the way he's able to move around and do the things he does. I mean it obviously helps to be pretty rich but I think he does a good job of being able to handle himself in one-on-one combat."

If you ask me, that plays and Batman certainly is a Superhero, with or without a mutation.

Last year we saw them as characters from the movie series 'The Purge' and the year prior Mahomes and his fiancé dressed up as a dinosaur and "Claire" from Jurassic World. Asked what we could expect to see out of the pair this year, Mahomes said he was unsure since he will be at the team hotel but says to keep an eye out because he might have something up his sleeve to wear to the team hotel.

Listen to the full interview with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes below: