Patrick Mahomes has an interesting favorite Thanksgiving side dish


(610 Sports) – It's hard to argue with the product that Patrick Mahomes puts on the football field, what he puts on his Thanksgiving plate, that's another story. Whether it's Turkey or ham on the table, he's made it know that there better be a bottle of ketchup as well.

While speaking to 610's The Drive on Monday afternoon, Mahomes and show host Carrington Harrison once again dove into Thanksgiving favorites, this time discussing favorite side dishes.

"So, I saw a map and it said that rolls are the favorite side on the Missouri side and cream corn is the favorite Thanksgiving side on the Kansas side," said Harrison. "What is your favorite Thanksgiving side?"

"Man, there's so many," said Mahomes. "I like to mix 'em all but whenever you can throw some mashed potatoes, some sweet potatoes and some mac & cheese all together, you can't miss."

While many will have their judgements and criticisms of Mahomes' Thanksgiving choices, if he likes it then go for it. After all, who are we to judge the taste buds of arguably one of the most talented quarterbacks of all-time?

Listen to the rest of our interview with Patrick Mahomes by clicking the player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images)