Tyreek Hill says he'd lose a race against Lamar Jackson… 'He's a G.O.A.T.'

The Chiefs WR claims he's 'retired from racing'

(610 Sports) - You don't get a nickname like "Cheetah," if you don't possess world-class speed and Tyreek Hill has just that.

Unable to attend the 2016 NFL Combine due to an arrest for domestic abuse, Hill opted to work out at West Alabama's Pro Day, where he put on a show. Hill clocked a 4.29 40-yard dash with a 2.51 20-yard split. To put it into perspective, only one player has run a faster time at the NFL Combine since 2016, which happened this year when Alabama WR Henry Ruggs III clocked in at 4.27.

Hill isn't just known for his 40-yard dash times, which take place without football pads. Just this past season, during a play where Chiefs running back Damien Williams burst through the line and took off on a 91 yard touchdown run, he was chased down by a streaking Tyreek Hill who was clocked at 22.6 mph, which would have been the fastest recorded during an NFL game in 2019, had Hill been carrying the football.

A verified burner and widely considered to be the fastest player in the NFL, Hill himself might see things a little differently, or perhaps he's just being modest. Asked during an interview with TMZ, who would win in a foot race between himself and Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, Hill seemed to give the edge to Jackson.

"I done retired from racing, man," Hill said. "So he'll probably get me right now."

Hill went on to give compliment to the Ravens signal caller, whom the Chiefs are set to face in their week 3 matchup on Monday Night Football.

"Lamar, he's a G.O.A.T.. He's a dog, man," exclaimed Hill... "For him to be that fast and for him to make people miss, like, the way he does is just crazy."

While there may not be a race between the two of them anytime soon, they will both be displaying their speed and skillsets during Monday Night Football, the most anticipated game of the 2020 NFL season.