Could Zack Greinke return to the Royals in 2023?


With the Royals' season beginning to wind down, all eyes are turning – if they haven't already – to the offseason and beyond. One of the more intriguing questions for Dayton Moore and JJ Picollo is whether or not to bring back Zack Greinke, who signed with the team before the 2022 season on a one-year deal. Greinke hasn't had the strongest season, but he still brings plenty of value to a pitching rotation. With the team focused on developing their younger arms, is there room for Greinke on next year's roster? 610's Royals Insider Josh Vernier called into Fescoe In The Morning on Monday to give his take.

"I don't know if anyone knows Zack Greinke, at least in the organization, as well as George Brett," he said. "Or at least gets to converse as regularly with Greinke as George Brett. Watching [him] converse with those around [him] and yeah, it certainly seems like he's having as much fun as he's ever had at the big league level. You watch him and Salvy during the game yesterday ... they spent a solid two innings just laughing, talking baseball. You hear stories about Zack Greinke on the road ... Yeah, I think he could bring it back next year. Now, $13 million salary? I would like to think that would take a step back. I would like to think that's somewhere around $7, 8, 9 million. Because if you do bring him back, he's nothing more than your number four or number five starter."

You can listen to Vernier's entire interview in the embedded player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today