Royals CEO John Sherman: 'We thought we were further along, and clearly we're not'


It's been a confusing season for the Royals, but one thing that everyone, from the top down, seems to be in agreement about is that this year's results shouldn't have been so poor. Whether it's JJ Picollo, Mike Matheny, or players in the clubhouse, the narrative that this roster has underperformed from the start has been consistent in almost all of their conversation with media, both local and national. So it probably wouldn't surprise many people to hear Royals Chairman and CEO John Sherman express the same frustration; speaking to 610's Royals Insider Josh Vernier recently, Sherman explain how he's viewed the 2022 season so far.

"Well, as far as this year goes, I would just say that the results are disappointing," he said. "I think it's OK to not be where you want to be when you're rebuilding a team and an organization. The disappointing part about this year is that we thought we were further along, and clearly we're not. We can think about the reasons for that. Any time -- and it's not just baseball -- in any business when you're not performing well, I think you should shine the bright lights on people, processes, systems, and what you need to get better.

"I am a fan, so I still have that emotion and that passion for this team and this community. But I can't just be a fan. I've got to engage both sides of my brain and think about the business and the organization and what we need to do to make sure we're better going forward. I would just tell you, and this isn't just me, this is all of us -- when you're having a year like this, the status quo is just not going to be good enough. We've got to look hard in the mirror and think about how we get better. And that's not just me -- JJ and Dayton, we're talking about that every day. How do we right the ship, in a way? There's a lot of things I feel good about, I would tell you that."

You can listen to the entire interview in the embedded player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today