Epstein: No Qualms With GOP Fundraiser At Wrigley

(670 The Score) As a Republican National Committee fundraising event in conjunction with President Donald Trump's re-election campaign was set to be hosted at Wrigley Field on Saturday, Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein, an active Democratic supporter, expressed no qualms with the location of the event.

A GOP retreat is taking place in Chicago this weekend, and Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts is one of the hosts, as he's the finance chair of the Trump Victory Committee, the fundraising branch of the Republic National Committee, the Tribune reported.

Part of the festivities were set to include powerful donors having a reception in the Cubs office building and taking in the game Saturday. That led to some pushback locally -- but not from Epstein.

"It’s a private venue," Epstein said on the Bernstein & McKnight Show on 670 The Score on Friday. "People have the right to host events here, especially the owners, and they’re going to. And I’ve hosted events here too on the other side of the political spectrum. It’s a free society and a private venue. I don’t think anyone intends any disrespect. This is a venue that is attractive to a lot of groups and as long as it’s equal opportunity on all sides, I don’t think there’s a tremendous argument against it.

"Leaving my political leanings out of it, I know for a fact that this venue has hosted groups from both sides of the political spectrum and will probably continue to do so going forward. This one is getting publicity, but it’s really not something I give a lot of thoughts to. As long as it’s balanced on both sides, that’s all you can ask for."