Gammons: Betts Will Be 'Lucky' To Get $250M Deal

(670 The Score) As Major League Baseball and the players' union negotiate a return-to-play plan and financial details of a shortened 2020 season, the ramifications of money lost won't stop with just this one year.

It's going to affect players' market in free agency for years to come, Athletic writer Peter Gammons said on the Mully & Haugh Show on Wednesday morning. Gammons cited Dodgers star outfielder Mookie Betts as an example. Betts is set to be a free agent after the 2020 season, and Gammons believes the coronavirus pandemic that led to a suspended season will cost him at least $100 million.

"Free agency is not going to even be, there are no screams -- free agency is going to be a whisper for the next three years," Gammons said. "There are few people that I like better in baseball than Mookie Betts. I thought he was going to make between $350 (million) to $400 million," Gammons said. "He'd be lucky to get up to $250 (million) in free agency this coming winter, if they play. It's just the reality of economics. It's true in almost every business."

Gammons believes the economic fallout in MLB will last for several years.

"The game has no chance of being restored to where they want it to go until 2023," Gammons said. "Be realistic, rebuild it, and they won't do it."

And if the owners and players don't agree to a labor deal to return to play in 2020?

"They have a chance to do what could be irreparable damage," Gammons said.