Bears' Jaylon Johnson fined $2,745 for showing up late to team meeting


(670 The Score) Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson was fined $2,745 for showing up late to a team meeting Tuesday, according to an Instagram post of his.

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Johnson wrote that he walked in at 8:16 a.m. for a meeting. Neither his post nor the letter informing him of the fine specified the start time of the meeting, though Johnson seemed to hint that it started at 8:15 a.m. His absence was considered "unexcused," according to the notification letter that was signed by coach Matt Nagy.

“This shii crazy bro,” Johnson wrote. “Walked in as it turned 8:16 and they tax me like this.”

Johnson is the Bears’ top cornerback. He helped hold Packers star receiver Davante Adams to four catches for 89 yards in Chicago’s loss to Green Bay on Sunday. Adams went for a big 41-yard gain late on a play in which Bears safety Eddie Jackson made a poor effort at a tackle.