Patriots coach Bill Belichick lavishes heavy praise on Chicago Bears


(WEEI) Whenever Patriots coach Bill Belichick speaks, provided it’s at an audible level, people listen. And we know there’s usually more to what he says than, well, just what he says when he speaks. Some sort of subtext, agenda or hidden meaning is often at play when we’re treated to one of his diatribes.

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That's what makes his remarks Wednesday on the Patriots' upcoming opponent, the Chicago Bears, all the more fascinating.

Belichick went on for a whopping seven minutes about how great the 2-4 Bears are. Dissertations on lacrosse, special teams, the history of Navy football or how much he hates the mandated use of Microsoft Surface tablets on the sideline are what Belichick usually reserves his praise or disdain for. But this was next level. This is an opponent that's offensively challenged, to be kind, and has won their two games this season thanks to a monsoon in the opener and the ineptitude of a team many consider a contender for worst in the NFL: the Houston Texans. And yet Belichick would have you thinking the Bears are ready to come in and dance “The Super Bowl Shuffle” at Gillette Stadium.

There’s truth to Belichick’s praise of Bears quarterback Justin Fields, as Fields is tremendous on the run and makes plays happen with his feet, which is often out of necessity because of the shortcomings of his offensive line and receivers. And on the Bears' defense, linebacker Roquan Smith is a game-changer with his instinct, speed and tackling prowess. But still, Belichick took it to the next level. One has to think it was a sermon aimed more at making sure his team doesn’t take the Bears for granted, about making sure the Patriots, fresh off a 23-point road win against a better team in the Browns, stay focused and humble. Perhaps Belichick also has a deeply rooted respect for the Bears as he just tied their great coach, George “Papa Bear” Halas, for second-most wins all-time as a coach in the NFL with 324. This much is certain: We’ll never know for sure.

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