Lombardi: Trubisky's late surge is a 'ray of sunshine' that Pace has been looking for to bring him back to Bears

Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is headed for free agency next spring.

(670 The Score) Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky’s future with the organization has become more intriguing in recent weeks as he has played arguably the best football of his career – albeit against rather poor defense – amid Chicago’s late mini-surge.

A Trubisky era that once seemed like it would end inevitably with his exit in free agency next spring now is a more heavily debated topic. Could Trubisky return to the Bears in 2021 if he finishes this season strong?

RADIO.COM Sports insider Michael Lombardi believes that will be the case – if general manager Ryan Pace is retained at season’s end. It was Pace who selected Trubisky at No. 2 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, and Lombardi believes he’s looking for any reason he can to keep Trubisky.

“Pace has been looking for a ray of sunshine,” Lombardi said in an interview with Zach Zaidman and Mark Grote on Wednesday morning. “And these four games will be the ray of sunshine to be able to say, ‘I told you so.’ And here he comes back. No one has been objective. The signing of Nick Foles was not objective. Nick Foles played against the same Minnesota team (in November) that Trubisky did and he got like, what did they end up doing, they scored like 13 points in that game. That game was there for the taking if they could’ve just made a few plays or at least have run the ball in that game, which they really didn’t even try to do. So for me, this is outcome that they’ve always wanted. So now they have a little ray of sunshine, and they’re going to continue to go down with it. Now, do they think (coach Matt) Nagy has finally found the answer? Do they think their offensive line is better? You can invent any narrative to create the story.”

Last May, the Bears declined Trubisky’s fifth-year option, which was projected to cost nearly $25 million. Given that Trubisky will hit an open market now, the Bears could conceivably bring him back at a team-friendly financial figure.

Lombardi doesn’t believe that’s the correct path – but he really believes it’s in play.

“You just have to be objective,” Lombardi said. “What is the No. 1 thing that costs teams in the National Football League from being successful? It’s their own bias … When you have bias within anything you do, you make decisions based on what you want the outcome to be, not what the outcome should be.

“You got to be realistic. It’s three games against bad defense.”

Trubisky, 26, has thrown for 1,538 yards, 14 touchdowns and six interceptions and has a 94.8 passer rating this season. The Bears are 5-2 in his seven starts, though Foles led the rally back in one of those victories.

And why would Trubisky want to-resign with the Bears? Because it figures to be his best chance at being a starter rather than a backup, Lombardi said.

“There’s no one that’s going to come in and say, ‘I’m going to give Mitchell a starting quarterback job,’” Lombardi said.

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