New Cubs outfielder Clint Frazier throws shade at Yankees' hair policy


(WFAN) Cubs outfielder Clint Frazier seems happy to have a newfound freedom with his new organization.

A former Yankee who joined the Cubs in free agency a week ago, Frazier took to Twitter for the first time in six weeks – minus a random reply to one of Yankees pitcher Jameson Taillon’s tweets last week – to express his pleasure for how a mockup of him in a Cubs uniform looked … and of course took a veiled shot at the Yankees’ hair policy.

It seemed to be all in good fun, and Frazier then doubled down in referencing another storyline during his time with the Yankees. In a reply, he wrote he’ll continue to wear No. 77 after asking for No. 7 … for the first time ever.

Technically, Frazier was right, as catcher Jose Lobaton wore No. 7 for his six-game stint on the Cubs last year, but of course, that was another shot from Frazier at the rumor that he asked for No. 7 as a Yankee without knowing it was retired for Mickey Mantle.

Frazier joined the Cubs on a one-year deal. He struggled in 2021 with a slash line of .186/.317/.317 in 66 games before missing the final three months of the season after experiencing vision and head issues. He had a strong 2020 season, hitting .267 with a .905 OPS.

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