David Ross on Cubs' future: 'We’re all on the same page with what kind of holes we want to try to fill, who are the pieces we believe in'


(670 The Score) Cubs manager David Ross believes he and the team’s front office are in lockstep on what needs the club should address this offseason.

“We talk pretty regularly,” Ross said on the Bernstein & Holmes Show on Tuesday afternoon. “I think we’re all on the same page with what kind of holes we want to try to fill, who are the pieces we believe in moving forward. There’s a lot of those guys in here. And you know, there’s also stuff in the offseason that’s unpredictable and things that you can have one plan, but … having a plan and actually executing that plan is difficult at times. Because it’s also the choice of free-agent players and teams if you plan on making trades. You’re at the mercy of others. I know they’ve got nice plans in place, and we talk about putting in the processes that we believe in and trusting those. I think everybody is excited to finish the season as strong as we can and move on to next season, where we’ll be competing at a higher level.”

And what gives Ross confidence and hope that the Cubs will be trending upward soon as they’re now 62-85 while finishing off a disappointing 2022 season?

“That’s all we have, isn’t it?” Ross said. “What else is there? There’s got to be trust. That’s what organizations are built upon. You got to trust the people around you. You’ve got to trust your coaching staff. You got to trust the players. You’ve got to trust the front office. We’re all in this together. We’re trying to win championships, and I think everybody is on board with that. The hope is what we have. That’s what I hang my hat on – trying to get better every single day and hoping that everyone else is on that same page, which I believe they are. And you trust that. You trust in the human beings we have around us. We have an amazing organization with amazing ownership and amazing leadership and amazing culture around our group. We’re going to put some other people in place where the holes are, and we’re going to trust that that’s going to help make us better and continue to grow to get back to holding up trophies.”

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