Greg Miller explains why Fan Controlled Football league is such a joy

FCF leaves almost every aspect of teams and games to the vote of fans.

(670 The Score) With the end of the NFL season comes the start of a new football league, one different than any other kind. Fan Controlled Football (FCF) is a league that puts nearly every aspect of teams and games in the hands of the vote of fans -- including play-calling.

The league is backed by a number of prominent owners, including NFL players in Austin Ekeler, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman as well as Kinda Funny CEO Greg Miller. It's seven-on-seven football played on a 50-yard field, and each game is broadcast live on Twitch while fans share plenty of input.

A co-owner of the Wild Aces in the FCF, Miller explained some more details of the FCF while on the Bernstein & Rahimi Show on Tuesday.

"It's all of us in a Zoom call broadcasting (games) live to our audience and then also getting DMed and Instagram things and all these different moves of what we should be making," Miller said. "So it's like us saying, 'OK, let's pass the ball now.' The pass plays come up, and then we have to shout them out as soon as we can to the audience, because we want them to vote for what we want to do because we built this game plan with our quarterback.

"There's so many more moving parts then when I first signed up. When they first approached me and I actually got involved and thought it was going to be cool, I thought it would be, 'Oh, yeah, sure, I'll sit there with a beer and I'll look at the phone and pass, run, and we'll be off.' No, we very much have to make sure we're calling the right plays."

FCF is as complex as it seems, to the point that Miller's Wild Aces called in a quarterback draw that was supposed to be a handoff to the running back. The quarterback got pummeled on the play, a reminder that fans have a big say in what happens on the field.

Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jonny Manziel, a first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns in 2014, is the quarterback of the FCF Zappers in the unique league.

Miller initially deleted an email inquiring about his interest in co-owning a FCF team. He soon warmed up to the idea, removing the email from his junk file and joining the league. The Wild Aces nickname was voted on by an audience, with the logo being Miller's co-founder, Nick Scarpino.

"For us and Kinda Funny and me, adapting comes naturally in that we're always trying to do stuff with our audience," Miller said.

"It's all an in-joke, but it's all an in-joke everybody's welcomed to."