Browns Training Camp 2020: What to expect

CLEVELAND, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – It goes without saying that Browns training camp in 2020 will be unlike any other we’ve seen.

All practices will be closed to the public.

Media sessions with players and coaches will continue to be done virtually.

The preseason schedule has been scrapped completely.

And it will be mid-August before they hold a regular practice.

Tuesday, Browns veterans will report for camp. On Friday, rookies, quarterbacks, and injured players reported.

Here what will happen over the next 5 ½ weeks between when they report and Week 1 according to the NFLPA’s memo sent to players and published by NFL Network.

After reporting for camp, players will be tested for COVID-19 on Days one, two and four in addition to participating in virtual meetings, like they did during the offseason program, before taking physicals and being fitted for equipment on Aug. 1 and 2. Virtual meetings will continue during this time as well.

Players must have three negative COVID-19 tests in four days before being permitted to enter team facilities and regular testing will continue through the end of the season.

Negative tests or confirming potential exposure to someone who has tested negative will result in that player being placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list. Running back Dontrell Hilliard and undrafted rookie safety Jovante Moffatt were placed on the list Sunday evening.

Teams are not permitted to comment on or confirm if a player tested positive for COVID-19.

The new ‘Acclimation Period’ for strength and conditioning work runs August 3-11.

It will include 60 minutes of weight room work and an additional 60 minutes of on-field conditioning. Teams will not be permitted to hold conditioning tests during this time. Quarterbacks, receivers, kickers, punters, and long snappers may use footballs and a 60-minute walk-through on the first four days and a 75-minute walk-through is allowed during the final four days of this period.

The first actual practice Kevin Stefanski will be allowed to hold as Browns head coach with helmets and protective soft shells will be August 12.

During what the league calls the ‘Gradual Ramp Up Period’ from the 12th through the 16th, the first practice can run no more than 90 minutes and can increase by 15 minutes each day ramping up to two hours. On-field work is limited to no more than 3.5 hours with the balance of time each day applied to walk-throughs.

Teams can open camp with 90 players but by August 16th they must be cut down to 80. Should teams elect to begin camp with 90 players, they must institute a split-squad set up. As of Monday morning, the Browns have 90 players on the roster.

The ’Contact Integration Period’ runs August 17th-September 6th and begins with a 90-minute practice with 15-minute daily increases. Practice time cannot be increased following an off day and a maximum of 14 padded practices are permitted during this window.

Under the agreement, players must receive a day off every seven days, totaling six off days throughout camp.