Michael Lombardi: The hiring of Stefanski told me the Browns think that Baker Mayfield could only be successful in a Kubiak type offense

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RADIO.COM Sports NFL Insider Michael Lombardi joined Ken Carman and Anthony Lima to go over the Cleveland Browns offseason.

Michael talked about the potential of J.J. Watt landing in Cleveland, on the philosophy of the offseason and if Baker Mayfield will be looking for to end money this offseason.

Michael also talked about the chances that Baker Mayfield makes a jump to an elite level QB, what the Steelers should do with Ben Roethlisberger this year and if there is a chance that Ben could end up with another team in 2021.

Michael ended with thoughts on if the Browns should pay Nick Chubb top numbers, if Carson Wentz deserves to get #11 in Indianapolis and if there is a way for the Browns to keep this offensive line together.