The awfulness of umpire's call in Red Sox loss to Braves brought to light


It was the same old story for the 2022 Red Sox Wednesday night. Score just three runs. Lose on a walk-off for the fifth time.

But in the Sox' 5-3 loss to the Braves, there was one moment that added a little more insult to what has been an increasingly painful injury.

That would have been home plate umpire Adam Beck's called third strike on Kevin Plawecki with the count full, two outs, the bases loaded and the game tied.

Thanks to the Twitter account @umpscorecards, we now have an idea of how off/impactful the missed call was.

“Just a terrible call,” Red Sox manager Alex Cora told reporters after being ejected due to the call. “… Yeah, nobody thought it was a strike, even on the other side. Just watching the replay even, it was kind of a late call. Whatever. It’s just frustrating. It adds to the frustration of the grind we’re on right now. What can you do? Turn the page and we move on."