How much better is Marcus Mariota than Geno Smith?


On Thursday Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael talked about how Atlanta Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith stack up against each other as the two players prepare their teams for Week 3’s matchup in Seattle at 4:25pm this Sunday.

“In all honesty how much better is Marcus Mariota than Geno Smith?” Andy & Randy’s producer Brian Gebhardt asked.

“Not a lot,” Randy replied.

“How do you stack those two up against each other?” Gebhardt asked.

“Would somebody went and got Geno to be a starter? Like the Falcons went and got Marcus to be the starter. Would a team go get Geno to be a starter?” Randy replied.

“No. But only one team got Marcus to be a starter and that was because they had a relationship previously,” Andy added in reference to Mariota’s time spent with the Tennessee Titans when current Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith served as the Titans Offensive Coordinator.

“And Geno got it because nobody else was there,” Randy added.

“Yeah Geno got it because he was Russell’s (Wilson) backup,” Andy added.

Andy & Randy went on to explain why they think the Falcons can beat the Seahawks and get their first win of the season this Sunday.

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