Is Atlanta United is a victim of its own success?


Fox Sports Doug McIntyre joined Dukes & Bell and talked about Atlanta United’s firing of Gabrielle Heinze, how bad were things under it’s former manager and is Atlanta United a victim of its own success?

When asked why Atlanta United has missed on two straight manager hires.

“In a way I think the club is a victim of its own success and a victim of its own ambition. From the start the sort of coaches that this club has gone after starting of course with Tata Martino, a guy who had coached Lionel Messi at Barcelona and with the Argentinean national team,” McIntyre said. “Given the success that Tata had and the credibility that he gave the club immediately, when he left I think it was important to get another big name and Frank deBoer was that.”

“Again Atlanta swings for the fences and it seemed like getting Heinze was a return to the club’s roots, another Argentinean coach like Martino, a guy that had a name, a pedigree he played at Manchester United and Real Madrid. And by all accounts he was an up and coming young coach in South America, which we know is where a large percentage of Atlanta’s players are from so on the surface it seemed it made sense.”