Falcons not built to be throwing it 'all over the lot'

D. Orlando Ledbetter explains why he expects the Falcons to ground and pound the ball against the Packers

As the Falcons prepare for their week two matchup with the Green Bay Packers, their offensive strategy was a focal point of 92-9 The Game’s Jon Chuckery during his conversation with Atlanta Falcons/Atlanta Journal Constitution’s D. Orlando Ledbetter on Wednesday. “Do you think that they just get back to running the ball effectively early in the game and then open things up a little bit once they loosen up the defense a little bit in the pass game,” Chuckery asked Ledbetter as they discussed the potential approach the Falcons may take when they face the Packers.

In his response, Ledbetter pointed out that with the potential return of Cordarrelle Patterson, the Falcons would more than likely be run heavy early on once the game is underway. “You get a chance to load all of the running backs up and go at the Packers,” Ledbetter told Chuckery. As he continued, the Falcons reporter noted that he does not believe Falcons quarterback will come out throwing the ball much and that he anticipates Atlanta looking to spread the Packers defense out and “try to go vertical and slip somebody behind them deep,” Ledbetter added, giving the example of the Kyle Pitts catch against the Panthers on Sunday.

“It’s a different style of ball, people have to get used to it. I’m not expecting them to come out empty and start throwing it all over the lot, that’s not the way this team has been built,” Ledbetter said.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Todd Kirkland / Stringer