Changes at Georgia Tech show they're serious about the football program


On Monday afternoon Georgia Tech announces the firing of not only Football Coach Geoff Collins, but also Athletic Director Todd Stansbury after the team got off to another 1-3 start.

Roddy Jones, who is a former star RB at Georgia Tech and is an ACC Analyst for ESPN, explained how the decisions made by Georgia Tech leadership over the past 48 hours details the expectations of the football program.

"The writing was on the wall for Geoff Collins and Todd Stansbury as well, I think it was a message from the President of Georgia Tech that he is serious about football," says Roddy Jones. "Angel Cabrera is relatively new and there was a learning curve to figure out how much Tech fans would tolerate from its sports. Other sports are fantastic, you (Stansbury) got basketball and football wrong and you can't get the two money-makers wrong so I did see it coming."

There certainly are no shortage of candidates, a list that many suppose begin with Deion Sanders, but include coaches of a levels of experience, winning, and success.

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