Todd Gurley 'mad as hell' about late TD: 'I shouldn't have scored. God dammit'


Not every day do you see someone mad at themselves for scoring a touchdown, but that is exactly what happened to Falcons running back Todd Gurley on Sunday.

Atlanta was attempting to run out the clock against the Lions for a last-second field goal when Detroit’s defense let him break free for a 10-yard run. Gurley tried to stop himself from scoring but fell onto the goal line with the refs ruling touchdown and the Lions players celebrating.

The Falcons converted a two-point conversion to take a 22-16 lead, but Atlanta’s defense could not contain Matthew Stafford and the Lions as they marched downfield to win, 23-22.

Afterward, Gurley said he was “mad as hell” with himself.

“I should have went down,” he said. “…I shouldn’t have scored. God dammit.”

The Falcons said they knew the Lions may do that and the plan was to take a knee at the 1-yard line, but Gurley said his momentum just took him over.

“I was trying not to. My momentum took me in,” he said. “It’s kind of crazy, the last time I played Detroit, I went down. This time I end up scoring. It’s like what goes around comes around.

“It’s one of them unfortunate situations. I’ve been, I mean, plenty of those situations my rookie year, six or seven, and I’ve always got down. It was an unfortunate one right there.”

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