Texans coach Crennel confirms Houston could be seller at NFL trade deadline

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HOUSTON -- With the Texans in their bye week after starting the season 1-6, trading away players for assets is something they have to consider.

The Texans, spending more money than any other NFL team this season, do not have a first or second round pick in 2021. The roster Bill O’Brien and Jack Easterby put together for this season has failed leading up to the Nov. 3 trade deadline.

Interim head coach Romeo Crennel said Monday morning he has been informed of trade possibilities, but there is nothing definite yet.

“They’ll come to me and we’ll sit down and make a decision about what’s best for the team,” Crennel said during Monday’s Zoom press conference.

Players are thinking about the trade speculation this week. Crennel said players like the security of knowing they are on the team, and don’t have to uproot their lives.

“With this situation the way it is, I think that it might be more on their mind this year than it would be any other year,” Crennel said. “I’ve talked to them and tried to reassure them that I’m not looking to trade guys, but human nature is human nature.

“Until the trade deadline passes, some guys are going to be worried and thinking about it.”

Crennel also acknowledged other teams might view the Texans as vulnerable and willing to trade.

But Crennel wants to keep as many good players as he can. Just as he asked last week, who do you trade?

The only meaningful ones would send away productive players like J.J. Watt, Will Fuller and the top wide receivers.

“We do have some talent and I think other teams realize that and they would like to get their hands on it,” Crennel said. “But most of the time in this situation, they are offering peanuts and not offering legitimate trade value.”

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