DraftKings announces deals with UFC, Dish Network


DraftKings (DK) made two major announcements over consecutive days that should help them grow tremendously in the gambling space.

Yesterday, DK and DISH announced a strategic agreement to bring DraftKings’ Sportsbook and their daily fantasy experiences directly to DISH customers nationwide.

The plan is to start with a DraftKings app integration on the DISH TV Hopper platform. Dish customers with a Hopper receiver will be able to access the DK app via the internet to view betting odds and daily fantasy contests. Customers will then be able to initiate bets or contest entries with DK directly from their TV.

Another big plus is the bettors will then be able to set recordings and watch the games that correspond with those wagers or daily fantasy teams.

“The integration with DraftKings is an exciting enhancement for our customers and a great addition to the growing DISH TV Hopper platform — a one-stop entertainment hub,” said Brian Neylon, Group President, DISH TV. “We’re thrilled to work with DraftKings to amplify the sports-fan experience, and extend the DraftKings footprint across our unique suite of services, including SLING TV and Boost Mobile, with potential applications across our 5G wireless buildout in the future.”

I’m sure there are a lot more details to come, but conceptually, this seems like the future of sports gambling. At least for casual bettors.

And, if that wasn’t enough, today DraftKings announced a licensing deal with the UFC. The five-year agreement is worth $350 million and allows DK the rights to be UFC’s sportsbook partner. The deal also includes rights to licensing a countdown clock called the ‘UFC Fight Clock’. For gamblers, UFC will show DK betting odds in its fight broadcasts.

“This is a massive deal that will benefit UFC, DraftKings, and most of all the fans,” said UFC president Dana White.

Both deals are a step in the right direction for the company to grow in the ever booming gambling space.