Headlines For Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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6 am Headlines

2020 top 100 best places to live.https://bit.ly/3nLJT9q

Three actors are suing CBS, because when they filmed a jewelry heist for "NCIS: New Orleans", real cops showed up with their weapons drawn. https://bit.ly/33RftdO


 7 am Headlines


The Nicole Kidman horror movie "The Others" is being remade, even though the original came out just 19 years ago.  There aren't many details yet, including any word on casting.https://bit.ly/2SPzGdN

Someone asked David Crosby how he felt about Eddie Van Halen, and he replied "Meh."  A lot of people attacked him for it, including Dee Snider and Tracii Guns. https://bit.ly/2H29eLe


9 am Headlines

A guy dressed as Superman for Halloween avoids jail for headbutting someone over a bible.https://bit.ly/2H2kV4A

Do couples start to look alike over time?https://bit.ly/3lAKitk

There's a worldwide organization called ring finders that finds lost jewelry, and they helped Jon Cryer.https://bit.ly/33Ud9TB