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Headlines For Friday May 20, 2022
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6 am Headlines

A fake tweet about ‘Costo’ raising the price of its hot dog combo may have had a very real impact on the company’s stock.   The Tweet claimed Costco was raising its hot dog prices for the first time since 1985.  And right after that, Costco's stock took a dive.  Some people thought it was because of the Tweet, but it was probably a coincidence.

Ricky Gervais explained that people get offended when they mistake the subject of a joke with the actual target. But not smart people because they can separate the two. He also said humor helps humanity cope with bad and inevitable things like death.

7 am Headlines

MTV plans to reboot "Jersey Shore" with a new cast, and the originals are NOT happy.  They issued a statement saying, quote, "We are not in support of a version that will exploit our original show, our hard work and authenticity to gain viewers."

Would you eat dog food for a week for $6,000?

The trendiest liquor purchases are: Tequila, cocktails-in-a-can, and non-alcoholic options.

9 am Headlines

According to a new report, the average person spends $314 per month on impulse purchases.  And the most the average person is willing to spend on a single item is now $310.

It's National Pizza Party Day!  Here are some tips to help you throw a great pizza party:  Decide whether you're ordering out making it homemade or hosting a potluck.  Ask your guests about their favorite toppings ahead of time.  And choose some appetizers or sides, like garlic bread or Buffalo wings.