Blimp Mistaken for UFO Near MetLife Stadium Ahead of Steelers-Giants Game


The truth is out there, Giants fans.

A Goodyear Blimp was apparently mistaken for a UFO by stunned gawkers in New Jersey on Monday, reportedly prompting some of them to pull over their vehicles on busy highways to check it out.

One video posted on social media showed the gray, oval-shaped blimp and its glowing message board in the distance against an ominous dusk sky on an overcast evening, according to The Sun.

"Everybody stopped to see the aliens," a voice says on the video. "I don't know if that's true or not, but everyone has blocked the highway."

Users in other videos suggested the blimp was in the area of Route 21 in Passaic, N.J., while others saw it hovering near nearby Teterboro Airport, Newsweek reported.

One user claiming to be a New Jersey resident dashed the hopes of alien hunters, suggesting the blimp was on its way to MetLife Stadium to shoot the Steelers-Giants game on "Monday Night Football."

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