Disgusting behavior from some Browns fans defending Watson


You stay classy Cleveland.

The situation surrounding Deshaun Watson is a serious one. Nearly 30 woman have accused the Browns quarterback with sexual misconduct and 24 filed lawsuits.

All of them have been settled out of court except for one.

After an appeal when he was originally suspended for six games, Watson will now miss the first 11 games of the season and faces a $5 million fine.

“(I apologized) for everybody that was affected by this situation,” Watson said after the suspension was announced. “There were a lot of people that were triggered.”

“We have unbelievable fans,” Browns owner Haslam said. “The fan support has been outstanding. Our ticket sales are great. Our corporate support is outstanding. We are not naïve enough to think that there are not some people who disagree with that. It is our hope that over a period of time, we will win them back.”

Well, some of those “unbelievable” fans are doing something that’s pretty unbelievable.

While it’s only been a small number of Browns fans, incredibly inappropriate and disgusting signs and shirts were seen during Cleveland’s first home game of the preseason on Sunday.

One photo shows a man reportedly selling t-shirts outside FirstEnergy Stadium that read, “b**ch give me a massage.” Another photo shows a man with a boy that could possibly be his son holding extremely offensive signs.

WARNING: Tweets contain strong and offensive language:

Watson has not been charged with a crime and is innocent until proven guilty, but these kind of messages attacking his accusers is beyond disgusting.

Hopefully these kind of shirts and signs will be confiscated by the people in the Browns organization.

Watson did not dress for Sunday’s game against Philadelphia.

The Browns lost 21-20 to the Eagles.

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