Have Pitt home games become Boo City, PA?

Narduzzi reacts to booing hear in first 2 games at home

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – It became a story, that in some cases, was bigger than the result of the game the last time Pitt played at home. QB Phil Jurkovec criticizing adults for booing players on the team you root for, calling it ‘pathetic’ in the loss against Cincinnati.

Jurkovec will start on Saturday night coming off the worst Pitt quarterback performance in five years. He’s back home, which if things don’t go right, will mean more boos.

“Who were they booing?” Pat Narduzzi asked in response to a question. “I think they were booing me. Were they saying ‘boo Phil, boo, Coach’? There were boos and I don’t know who they are at.”

The Panthers head coach said he’s getting all of this from other people he says he doesn’t hear that stuff because he has headphones on. He’s not even sure his players hear it.

“I think there were boos in the first game, correct?” Narduzzi asked. “We are in Boo City. Boo City, PA.”

“It is what it is, if that is what they want to do, that’s great. It should not affect us or our psyche.”

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