Jeff Capel not happy after he says UNC trolled his brother

The Panthers head coach says Jason Capel is treated badly by some fans
 Pittsburgh Panthers head coach Jeff Capel and assistant coach Jason Capel
Pittsburgh Panthers head coach Jeff Capel and assistant coach Jason Capel Photo credit © Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt may have swept North Carolina this season with a 65-64 win against the Tar Heels last night, but assistant coach Jason Capel wasn’t happy.

The North Carolina basketball account on Twitter tweeted a photo of walk-on guard Creighton Lebo sticking his tongue out.

The reason they posted the photo is because Lebo wears the same number Capel did at UNC, #25.

The Tar Heel faithful booed Capel after the game as well.

"Check the record book! My boys did my work,” Capel was heard saying, according to ESPN. “I ain't got to say nothing. All I did for this program and y'all disrespect me? You got a broom? That's a sweep.”

“My brother love this school,” said head coach Jeff Capel after the game. “This the place that he always dreamt of playing and he wore that jersey with a lot of pride and since he’s left here, there’s been a lot of disrespect toward him.”

Capel added he doesn’t believe the tweet is coming directly from the basketball program but whoever is running their social media.

“I get social media, Twitter, you try to be funny, you try to do whatever, but I thought it was them trolling him,” said Capel.

Capel then said his brother loves North Carolina, but he doesn’t always think that feeling is mutual.

Another time when Jeff Capel was coaching Oklahoma against North Carolina to go to the Final Four, Jason was wearing an OU shirt is support of his brother.

“Carolina fans were pretty sh**y toward him,” Jeff Capel said after the game Wednesday.

Playing from 1998 through 2002, Jason Capel averaged 12.1 points a game with 6.7 rebounds and 2.7 assists.

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