Pat Narduzzi on the State of College Football: "I don't like where it's going"

Pitt's Head Football coach on the expanded playoff, paying players, and if Notre Dame will join the ACC

Pat Narduzzi joined The PM Team on Wednesday to discuss the issues in College Football including the expanded College Football Playoff.

The current proposal for expansion to a 12 team playoff has the first four seeds being the highest ranked conference champions. When asked if this will force Notre Dame's hand into joining the ACC, Narduzzi responded frankly.

"Notre Dame is worried about their pocket book"

Narduzzi also feels, "There's a lot of question marks about where college football is going, and as an old ball coach I don't like where it's going."

The biggest question marks is the new playoff proposal, and Narduzzi did not appear optimistic about how the change will affect the sport.

He said, "If you go to 12 then I think there is going to be more opting out than ever." adding that, "Football is not a tournament game."

Narduzzi did concede that he understood where the change was coming from and why it was made.

"I know it's all about the money."

Another fear of his was what will happen to the bowl system with this change, but the 7th year Head Coach proposed his solution, "We need to pay these kids to play in the bowl games."

Always one of the hottest topics in collegiate athletics is the payment of players legally or illegally. The legal way many of these "kids" will be paid are the new Name Image and Likeness laws that have been passed in several states across the country. Pennsylvania has yet to pass similar legislation.

"It's legalized cheating in some states" said Narduzzi.

Later adding, "I know down in Tennessee they've been handing out McDonald's bags, but this is a different way of handing out McDonald's bags."

A reference to a claim made on "The Dan Patrick Show" that the Panthers early season SEC opponent had been paying players by giving them cash in fast food bags.

Pat Narduzzi on The State of College Football