Pitt receiver goes from loner to leader

Taysir Mack says when you lend a hand, you reap the benefits
Taysir Mack catch
Photo credit Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – When Brennan Marion took over as the receivers coach at Pitt he noticed senior receiver Taysir Mack was a bit of a loner. The new coach from Greensburg suggested, maybe demanded, Mack share his wisdom with the rest of the group.

It’s helped not only transform Mack as a player, but given him a new life outlook.

“When you lend a hand, you always reap the benefits of it somehow,” Mack said.  “Knowing those guys trust me, it makes me feel better when I go out there.  I’m not leading by saying.  I’m leading them by showing what I do.”

What he does is take meticulous notes.  After practices, he will do his own walk-through correcting his mistakes.  The redshirt senior will do it at least 25 times to make sure he gets it right.  He wants to know he will be just where he needs to be during games.

“Being a good teacher allows you to understand the things you do better,” Mack said.  “The moment I started to teach the younger players why we run this route.  How we run this route.  Why our splits are important.  How they are rotating.  Based on the downs, is this a possession catch.”

Marion said with Mack’s help, along with Jordan Addison, players meet more than they ever have.  They are cultivating a position group that he believes will take them to the top.  He called it extraordinary how the Panthers receivers are approaching their roles.

“Coach Marion made me fall in love with the process again,” Mack said.  “Sometimes we all sit here and worry so much about the outcome.  He always tell me to control the controllables.  My ability to be able to dive in and trust his process.