Is there a chance Pirates don't move Frazier before deadline?


Audacy Sports MLB Insider Jon Heyman says, not so fast, when it comes to trading Adam Frazier.

While Heyman says there is a 90 percent chance (pretty high) that Frazier is moved before the trade deadline, there is a 10 percent chance he’s not dealt.

It’s been said that a Frazier deal is basically a done deal.

Discussing the topic on the PM Team Wednesday, Pirates pre and postgame host Kraig Riley believes the reason hasn’t been dealt yet is because general manager Ben Cherington is still waiting for a value they think is good to move the second baseman.

While the Pirates still “hold the cards” ahead of the deadline, if they don’t end up trading Frazier, they may regret it.

As Riley says, If the Pirates wait till the offseason, Frazier’s trade value will only continue to diminish.

That’s a big risk for Cherington if they don’t move Frazier before July 30.

Frazier is an All-Star and is currently batting .326 with an OPS having the season of his career, so now in the time to strike.

The Mets and White Sox are just a couple of the teams that are reportedly interested in Frazier, with the Pirates likely asking for at least a top 100 prospect.

Both Poni and Jeff Hathhorn agree that no matter who the Pirates get, the fans will be unhappy.

“It could be a 15 and a 31 (prospect) for Adam Frazer and people will go ‘why’,” said Hathhorn.