Analyzing Tomlin's comments: 'That's what a losing team says'


Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said he saw a lot of positives in Sunday’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

A game in which they scored a junk touchdown against a division rival with a $108 million defense on the field that he was going to be great and dominant this year,” said Joe Starkey on The Cook & Joe show, stunned that the Steelers coach would say he saw positives in the game.

He actually mentioned twice that he saw positives. “Is that where we are?” asked Starkey.

Ron Cook said he didn’t many positives other than a couple turnovers by the defense and a decent first half from Kenny Pickett.

“That’s what losing team’s say . . . when you lose a game and you point out the positives,” said producer Matt Koll.

Pointing out positives after losing to a divisional rival by essentially two touchdowns (Steelers scored a junk touchdown toward the end of the game) isn’t the “Standard” in Pittsburgh.

But maybe that’s where we are at with this Steelers team.

Tomlin blamed field positioning from penalties and lack of being able to score on short field drives for a part of the reason for the reason loss.

When asked about Bengals linebacker Germaine Pratt’s comments after the game saying they knew what the Steelers were going to do, Tomlin said:

“That’s what they say when they’re having success and they don’t say it when they’re not and so I don’t worry much about that, I focus on the things within our control,” said Tomlin

Tomin did add they did have “some repeat concepts” but the Bengals also did the same.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jeff Hathhorn