Big names could be on Steelers' chopping block

Who could the Steelers release to save money?

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – With a salary cap that will likely look closer to what it was in 2018, what players can give the Steelers the most cap room?

93.7 The Fan NFL Insider John Clayton told ‘The PM Team’ that he expects a “bloodbath” of players released for teams to get under the salary cap by the deadline on March 17.  Obviously teams couldn’t have predicted a pandemic or how it would affect the finances of the sport.

Teams have until that day to restructure contracts or release players to reach the still to be announced number (expected to be around 185 million).  We know the floor is 180 million, how much it goes up beyond that is still being worked out.

According to and that would leave the Steelers around 11 million over that projected cap.

The biggest savings would have been with Ben Roethlisberger. His contract value for this year is $41.25 million. 19 million dollars would have been saved by his release, but it was announced on Thursday the Steelers have signed him to a new deal.

The next highest salaries for immediate relief (according to, each player would carry varying amounts of dead cap money carried from their full contract or moved signing bonus money.

·       David DeCastro-salary $8.75 million, dead money-$5.547 million, savings $8.75 million

·       Steven Nelson-salary $8.25 million, dead money-$6.17 million, savings $8.25 million

·       Joe Haden-salary $7 million, dead money-$9.575 million, savings $7 million

·       Eric Ebron-salary $5.5 million, bonus $500,000, dead money-$2.5 million, savings 6 million

·       Stephon Tuitt-salary $9 million, dead money-$9.281 million, savings $5.659 million

·       Vince Williams-salary $4 million, dead money-$3.031 million, savings $4 million

·       Chukwuma Okorafor-salary $2.183, dead money-$203,091, savings $2.183 millon

·       Derek Watt-salary $1.75 million, dead money-$2.166 million, savings $1.66 million

There are others who would save less than a million under the cap.  The Steelers could release TJ Watt and save $10 million.

These websites do an amazing job of studying these numbers closely and the reality is, it adds up to a tough situation for the Steelers.